The current climate in India – the biggest democracy on this planet is no less then exciting. Top thinkers in India including the Chairman of Tata sons Mr. Ratan Tata - a veteran industrialist-turned-investor see the situation in India similar to US in 70’s and 80’s . Entrepreneurship fever is taking over the IT brain hub of the world. Number of factors facilitating entrepreneurship in India are the current government policies and vision, huge potential and growth in IT and ecommerce sector, enormous funding channels as VC, angel investors and strategic investors in India and from overseas for example Helion, Accel partners, blume ventures, Sequoia, Softbank, DST etc, Low cost of operation and human capital compared to the west, accelerators, incubators and other such facilities.

An important factor to be considered is that India is a country with a diverse population; the normal brick-and-mortar retail structure could not get to all areas and cater to the entire population.  Hence e-commerce and e-retailing came in and enhanced reach leading to mushrooming of new entrepreneurial IT / online ventures.

380 disclosed deals in the first of half of 2015, with angel and venture capital funding in India hitting highest ever mark. Over $3.5 billion has been invested i this period. The deals in the first half of this year have surpassed the number of start up deals in 2014. The India consumer sector is coming of age with more than 300 million internet  users, and 15-20 million of them transacting online.

The Indian ecosystem has matured and the promise of an Internet revolution is real not just multi-billion dollar valuations but also a billion dollar GMV is being built out of India.


For western collaborates, stakeholders, franchisees  and partners keen on Indian IT entrepreneurial   entities  -  major challenges are understanding the difference in business culture in India, legislative environment, finding the right match, physical presence and representation at ground 0, building a trustworthy relationship and  aligning expectations with stakeholders.  The general administration system and legal system in India is slow in contrast to the fast paced start-up culture.  Multiple IT entrepreneurial projects are internationally viable.  US and Europe are the two places having strong export and import of entrepreneurial business out of India due to mature entrepreneurial activity in these areas and strong bridges of stakeholders on both sides.  There is a huge potential of similar export of IT entrepreneurial visions via setting up JV's, franchisee and other forms of collaborative understandings in Australasia.  IT based ventures do lead to efficient use of limited resource leading to global betterment.

Our Role

For connecting prospective western collaborates, stakeholders,  partners  with Indian IT entrepreneurial  ventures,  IBC Strategy's core members have strong experience, understanding and relationship with the local entrepreneur lobby in India.  We aim to utilize our strengths to facilitate and generate collaboration and import of IT based entrepreneurial projects out of India to Australasia.  We team up with the entrepreneurial entity in India and aim at international growth via connecting best suitable entities in Australasia with IBC style interaction based on simplicity, ethics, professionalism and feeling of sharing.   IBC Strategy aims to build new bridges and be a part of new, viable stories in IT entrepreneurial arena between India and Australasia.

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